Much like Peteski, I believe in advertising

For architecture it is no longer and has never been about form, it’s about preventing a catastrophy. Today it is about preventing a catastrophy in just about any category.

As always, it’s easy for the ad industry in comparison to other trades. Design offers the transformation belt to bring the large economic wheels back in momentum, even though caution orders, to bring the many small wheels, the family businesses and mid sized companies back in momentum.

Only after having lived a good life in advertising, it became all too obvious, that with the exception of 3 works, none was sufficient to the requirement, of breaking the dynamics (of the status quo).

Now reasons are adding up and I may likely be on my way of endorsing my fourth work:

Ha&Ma coffee to go

Ha&Ma coffee to go

Coffee to go: Munich, Germany, Augusten St. 101, Hammerstein & Maier



“The coffee is great”, locals and visitors from abroad agree

From day one on, the tiny coffee shop at Augustenst. 101 in Munich’s historical artists quarter, was capable of paying the bills. Corinna, Gerda, Petra u. Andreas are happy to serve a bunch of regulars and they are determined to become profitable by offering take out.

While updating the menu of the day, is still being exercised and tested…

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The courage of others

Co-owner Petra Hammerstein is a well sought after, may I dare say, A-list food blogger, find an English language annex to her blog, here on Pinterest.