Triumph Find the one again

Hannah gets dragged along by her girlfriends



A bit of history behind the storytelling



Triumph’s boost


A group of mostly bearded men1 present the making of their well done work for Triumph lingerie. As for its execution best practice and truth well told as recommended by ad agency McCANN. (this is not McCANN’s work and Triumph is not on their client roster)

Beautifully executed as animation it provides the needed distance. The public of both sexes might feel badly harassed nevertheless. A possibly deserved treatment for consumers of the old world who failed to return to being mature citizens (when did citizens turn into consumers anyway?). This part of the story invites doubt.

The audience is pretty sure that Hannah wants to be taken along, but hates to get dragged along and outvoted by her girlfriends.


Triumph’s boost



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  1. Hans Rafael Maier, Vincent Leroy, Tobias Fiesta, Jason Robert Brown.