McCann Worldgroup CEO Andreas Trautmann
and German president Christian Wulff


Two unrelated events unfolded between the years, one in politics and one in marketing. It took me a little time to discern it, although they immediately appeared to be interconnected:


Berlin — A narrow majority of Germans believe the country’s embattled president should keep his job, according to two new polls, and Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled Friday that she still backs the man she helped install (read the entire Washington Post article here).

Berlin — Newly appointed McCann CEO Andreas Trautmann sends the embattled IPG worldgroup off on a tabula rasa by which three locations get shut down, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt, the former headquarters.

Berlin and Düsseldorf are now to bring back the magic and reinstate creative leadership in (and for) the German design nation.

Both men have something to reinstate and both men can perfectly succeed at one and the same option, that of becoming transformative.


A worldgroup for the new world

Development is a friend and while a clean slate may well prove as way to go for McCann’s Trautmann and the German language worldgroup, a new business model for the worldgroup will likely evolve and present itself along the way.

Much to the liking of Gustavo Martinez, the European chief officer in London.

I picture it to be an insanely powerful new model, so successful to become an export article adopted by other worldgroup locations and Interpublic agencies around the world.

Little by little reinstating the branding and positioning prowess that made McCann a world player in the old world but with a difference, the McCann Worldgroup now plays a great game in the new world.


I was wrong

On the other hand, the office of the federal president is of little interest to the public. President Wulff has apologized, he did not ask for forgiveness.

An old world character, in my opinion, who bets his term on public forgetfulness, yet there is a better way.

The German president will now want to back his apology with continuous activities that will resonate with the press and the public. A profitable disposition centered around transparency and pressing transformative topics as the suggested theme (read this post from Seth Godin from 2 days ago).