Bauernmarkt von Vlasic



28 years ago the consumer would care much about 200 mg sodium in pickles or the effect that would have on their health. The ad comparison aims at making the change in consumer behaviour visible.

Vlasic Anzeige 1985

Before (1985)

“Vlasic’s gone from hearty to healthy because, obviously, they have to. It’s a much more educated consumer out there”, said Steve Cody, managing partner and co-founder of New York-based communications agency Peppercom.

While 1985 wasn’t that long ago, it was an eternity in terms of dietary awareness.

Vlasic Anzeige 2013

After (2013)

While all packaged foods require an ingredient list, you have to give Vlasic points for the headline to just look in the jar for a list of ingredients.

A subtle but highly effective Signal of freshness is owed to the plain Mason jar.

An atmosphere of artisan quality and a long left behind time is suggested in which the people were living of what the soil would provide.



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