David Bowie – Where Are We Now? from David Bowie on Vimeo.

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Where are we now?

While Bowie is reminiscing and Berlin gets all the attention, much of Germany’s art school alumni must be reminiscing over their lives as well.

A treat to a charmingly tired slow waltz not aimed at chumming up to a new audience, sweet lyrics too.

What got to me was, when I heard the man in a German evening news clip say, “I simply went on and there I was age 56”.

What is it like being a 20th century man in the 21 century?

You tell me.

I still remember when I wondered about the unapologetically rigid German tv news, report about something with the Beatles. That was when entertainment started transforming news, two categories that couldn’t be more different in their aim.

Yesterday was also the day, when I reconsidered the importance of deception, denial and that the English language is the only language to consistently capitalise the word ‘I’. And that Steve Jobs ruined it with his total blam blam iStuff. Two men who fell short of becoming 21st century men.


the next day


Barnbrook Blog: The Next Day. That album cover design

It must be a nuisance to young radicals anxious to find out what’s next, to be presented a blank space superimposed on a the album art of a previous release. No NA here, no new aesthetic, much to James Bridle’s chagrin, I suspect. A great vehicle for Virusfonts to have the new Bowie Album spread the word of the new Doctrine font.

Overall impression? What a mess.