Websites are becoming as static as print



The next level of digitalization?

Kemper Trautmann, is one of the top German ad agencies with members of the board decorated for digital prowess.

The addition of Karin Heumann, a popular and attractive strategist formerly with Jung von Matt is being celebrated with a name change, comprised of the initials of members of the board and a good old website from the 90’s.

“The next level of digitalization” it says on the website, a role model for the German Design nation as static as print and falling short of anything you may have heard from a drastic change in consumer behavior.

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Feel free to compare with rankings in the blogosphere..


Thus far something is going horribly wrong with the German Design nation.

It’s not the Unawareness of, and naivety with emerging technologies that is astonishing,, it is the lack of old school communication know-how and marketing skills.


Just in (Nov. 24):

This is great

thjnk has reimagined their web presence to fit in with the new world.


  1. One page website.
  2. Sociable wordpress cms.
  3. Clean slab webfont.
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    work comes first



    An older poke

    A pesky entry that may have contributed the change to using web fonts for The New Yorker.