Big Freedia: 3rd Ward Bounce
Coca-Cola Philippines take on Singapore Summit in vivid stop-motion pictures.
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Watch adults from being skeptical to growing upset in well casted and observed German discounter ads.
KICKER the get up kids
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods
Get on the fast lane to your new car. To shorten the lengthy process of age-old car configurators and make it quick and convenient for you, Opel launches the “selector”, with a .much improved ux
Nobody's girl, American girl, everyone's girl is a tune by bed. The music of Alex Hagar made me a believer. He moved to Brooklyn and now lives in Portland, Oregon with his family.
During my lecture of Beltracchi's self-portrait, I was amused by the chapter painter man concluding statement: "…I really think I met more girls at the café than in the disco. Cakes, weeds and gals; A wonderful combination."
To make it through ignorance, brands must come up with a big promise. That's one side of the story. Its a different story altogether for a brand to actually and publicly fulfil their promise and that is exactly what Rewe did by stocking their shelves with the product consumers have chosen as their favorite.
Even though as well done as is this campaign fighting homophobia by one of Germany’s most profitabel agencies in Munich, it appears that advertisers have no problem as long as it gets them into the conversation.