Excerpt from BSA's 15 most popular murals of 2018 by way of this isn't happiness™. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
The new movie poster illustrated by British artist Sam Hadley in a wonderful pastiche of '70s advertising art a seven-hour for the release of a 1972 German miniseries directed by R.W. Fassbinder that had never before been shown in the U.S.
Pete Shelly dead at 63.
The new is but the old by another name. Painting by artist Yale graduate, painter and professor Angela Fraleigh.
The successful in-house advertising by Northern Germany's broadcast company shows how dry humor copes with prejudice. Best practice, no?
Murphy's lawn ©John Atkinson, Wrong Hands
Among other innovations, J. Walter Thompson invented the modern creative department and grilled cheese.
While some may perhaps applaud Coca Cola for taking a stand in Germany, others might be offended. Even others my grow tired of the bashing going on.
Grab it, before it's too late! Black Friday. Shredded prices.
In this car commercial, German Opel brand and Vice Media Solutions suggest purity, mindfullness, openness and boldness as definition for the German standard.
Today's Sunday song is by Wilco from Chicago, the United States most conistent and popular band in the last 20 years features Leslie Feist.
$40.00 5 x 7 original drawing Ink & watercolour on archival 140lb watercolour paper
German Rewe with a Christmas movie that does not make you suffer from self - pity, but makes you carry a smile.
A dog doesn't care, he simply doesn't know that he's missing a leg. He's busy with what goes on, no time for why, when, and where he lost a leg.
The only thing some children want this holiday season is to be reunited with their families.