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Ankündigung eines neuen Albums von Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



I trust it’s when you come across something unexpected, that catches your interest long enough for you to have had an experience. Even though it may be long forgotten right after.

An unexpected time or location may suffice to create such an experience. I stumbled upon Macklemore’s announcement for the new album on Medium, while I would have expected an interview on Pitchfork rather.

I didn’t recall who Macklemore was at first, the black letters caught my attention and the clean cut typography. Perhaps some interesting make up of single malt content… Isn’t it astonishing how Medium content differs in texture and fabric even though Medium forces its contributors into using a genius generic template?

Macklemore, whose Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop, I soon remembered. Pep rally videos as Arcade Fire had one and Gwen Stefani with Hollaback Girl.


One Pager

One Pager

Now here’s Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with their very own cluetrain manifesto for musicians and their industry, a one pager for the web and a story worth telling.