Dieses Hemd ernährt 5 Leute

T-shirt by 541 Threads from Oregon



Brands and their products will be judged or they will be ignored

You will be judged (or you will be ignored)1. Why should it be any different with products and that, which is trying to win your confidence —the brand? Lots of attention now goes toward the change in people’s behavior.

What’s happening is a return to common sense, or so it seems.

Many folks remain comfortably numb. Be it. They let themselves be fooled by image and the pretence that comes with it. But this is changing. The attention is wandering off to behavior rather than what something aims to represent. Businesses have long noticed the change in consumer behaviour. They have adapted to change with pretence adapted to what people now want to hear. They bypass explanations, omit promises, and strive to prove their claim with activities.

Ever so often, businesses will painstakingly document their case. And support their activities with facts and numbers.



Wie das geht

Simplest social-good marketing from Bent, Oregon.



Patrick Wurtz with partner Zack Nutter deliver a textbook example with their garment production of 541 Threads out of Bend, ORE. With every sold shirt, 5 meals go to the hungry. My son in law, was so kind to send me one.

I’m in awe how compatriots think it through and are willing to act upon such great line for their product label and earn buyers confidence.

A hippie dream come true if everything handed over the cashier’s counter would carry such label.

A business whose economies are capably handled. A product or service that helps the population instead of hurting them, will more likely be trusted. Should this become a presidency with the world population, we can refer to it as sustainability and only then.

541 is not only the zip code for Bend in Oregon, from where 541 Threads operate, but offers a “5 for 1”. Whereas five stands for five meals being passed out and One stands for one thread a shirt is made of.

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Shirt feeds five people