A documentary feature by Kirby Ferguson  delivered in instalments on the net

Kirby Ferguson sets out to debunk another popular myth.





Kirby Ferguson has set his mind on debunking one myth at a time, and after his popular „Everything is a remix“ series on the denial of original ideas and original thought, making a rewrite of copyright laws pressingly necessary, Ferguson now offers another widespread and huge topic with this is not a conspiracy theory.

With a difference, this time it’s paid for content at a special launch price of §12.



I see nothing wrong with asking a small fee, which may or may not result in less widespread distribution compared to the serialised remix documentary feature from which I hope it will finally lead to political action and have a severe impact on global culture and the ad and entertainment industry once its accepted. The new series debunks the myth of conspiracy which has been been with us like a silent fart in an elevator. It won’t cure society from disappointment or wishful thinking.