Das ändert alles

Plakat zum Dokumentarfilm This changes everything


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Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein, Vanessa Braided Hair, Crystal Lameman, Lliam Hildebrand, Li Bo, Chee Yoke Ling, Jyothi Aningi, Sunita Narain, Mary Christianou, Mike Scott
1 hour 29 minutes



A movie that has its effects even before viewing. I don’t even have to go and see it, since I love distraction from demands these times hold for us just like everyone else. No need to push me I am over the edge. The question being introduced come with its answer of tremendous value and impact.



What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

More so, I would like to extend the question to Volkswagen, its bosses, consultants, employees, managers and agencies. Now that their reliability and reputation is put to the test, a once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to bring German engineering back and confront the requirements the early 21. century holds. How switch mockery back to reliability? A marketing challenge worth mastermind’s time. Make the world crack up with laughter and astonishment.

Diesel and gasoline are but a swindle in the face of emerging environmental collapses not counting the current emission scandal. A huge scandal will be to further waste resources on gas or diesel driven motorcars and miss out on the obvious evolution, vital for the future economy [of Germany].






Referendum from the documentary



The diesel scandal is a license for a new beginning

German detail verse is the best prerequisite to revive German engineering with engineering electric motors, proving skills with the development of long-lived batteries and devising enabling algorithms.



Germany's beloved Leitz binder

Germany’s beloved Leitz binder with data moved to the net.





All content of Germany’s beloved Leitz binders belong on the web

What hasn’t come to a bad end under the leadership of Angela Merkel but has led to continuous record breaking news from Germany, is to thank a nation holding still. Now holding still and not doing anything will lead to unprecedented radical events. In turn radical activities are now required to confront the otherwise inevitable with nations united and progressive technological trust. What a small country like Letland can do can be done by larger countries as well. All energy on the development of algorithms to create useful connections. Germany’s largest database is supposedly that of the job bank. It holds data of German business looking for employees and local job seekers. With algorithms it should be capable of connecting job offers with job seekers and provide an interface to make the connection up to the point of an interview. The interview can also take place via Skype which is has been reported that refugees stay in touch with their families. Extend and refine this tool by the German unemployment agency to scale for all of Europe and you have a preventive measure for registration of refugees before trespassing.

I have worked with the German chancellors’ digital campaign team at the Konrad Adenauer house in Berlin and have rarely met a more capable or more adapt team in any of my fortune 500 business experience.

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