Think Again.

Oren Frank must repeat his success outside his home market.


Double-fisted management in the new world

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Only yesterday, I stumbled upon my former company’s new website, and it didn’t take long to recognize that MRM has much matured and has taken a good leap to turn into what I will now gladly add to my list of favorite new agency models.


From what I get from their digital footprint, and this is how we all will come to view and appreciate each other, MRM Worldwide has eventually arrived in the new world.




MRM Worldwide

Light table clarity and editorial design
without sacrifice of demonstrating obligatory corporate strength:
MRM Worldwide's new website design





Long Tail Marketing

Will MRM slow down for long tail marketing? Can they stay always on?
Illustration courtesy of Ana Andjelic

This is great. By taking Oren Frank on board as global chief creative officer, the long needed shift to being transformative is taking place with one of the five largest digital marketing agencies. Something to look forward to for an entire ailing industry.


It’s in the fabric of this elegant and sophisticated credentials site, it’s the story being told with lasersharp focus, which thus far closely reflects the set imperatives of an easy-does-it quintessential process. What a relief in contrast to the former ESSEE process.




Will MRM eventually eat their own cooking and do what they preach? Will McCann’s unkown soldier conquer Europe? Questions that where raised two years ago. I hear Sean Condon say his famous words: “We are getting there”.


I was a member of the Frankfurt management team for a decade, from the very beginning as Thunderhouse through various gernerations of zentropy and through the early stage of MRM emerging. Frankfurt was first to market customer utility™ in a straight forward fashion by building tools for the consumer such as Germany’s leading car configurator for Opel, web services and all kinds of practical mini apps.




I now wish to see MRM become the flagship creative agency for our industry.
A flagship agency for the new world. Returning trust in our communi-
cation industry in a very big way.



Will McCann’s unkown soldier conquer Europe?

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Frankfurt not London
As for Europe, it must be MRM Frankfurt not London to take on the role of flagship agency in the new world. With McCann CEO Helmut Sendlmeier’s prince charming, Ruber Iglesias to encourage and enable all to become digital habitants not just digital visitors. Ruber must convince clients to let go of existing non disclosure agreements and agree on some sort of non disclosure to allow for transparency to set in, case studies incl. numbers to be published and development to be discussed openly. Get naked without dropping your pants. Sean Condon has consistently fostered the Frankfurt-Detroit connection from GM BuyPower onward through the majestic GM Northstar project. Frankfurt’s always cool, calm, collected CTO, Frank Ladner has been overseeing the German productions and has made a name for himself with technical development in Detroit as well. It’s certainly not far fetched for Frankfurt to become the technical hub for much of Europes development chores.


The real question is if MRM Worldwide can slow down to master the social aspects of today’s long tail marketing. Can MRM be always on and can they let go of set campaign timelines? Can MRM radically shift their culture to play along with today’s sophisticated consumer? MRM must let go of employees hesitant to embrace the merits of being digital. So does every agency claiming leadership. Mere digital visitors are condemned to playing catch up and be comfortable with mediocracy.


  1. One of a kind. Think of hiring an outlier as culture officer with the aim to make the transformation happen from the inside out -or- appoint a CD you trust and who has the willpower and capabilities to closely follow your lead. The pressure must come from inside.

  3. One Voice. Opt for a unified web presence, the wording must reflect the meaning of the dotcom site, as much as each site must reflect local language customs. Currently the country websites are a far cry from what dotcom has to offer in elegance, sophistication, clarity and ease of being. Kill them, they litter the beauty of a company that has arrived in the new world.

  5. One Truth. Invite, encourage and enable all stakeholder [clientele, agency, collaborators, and customers], even the consumer to actively participate in the development process

  7. One Future. Take your MRM curriculum online alongside MRM Live, replace your defunct MRM Lab with a lab open to all. One that works hard on returning trust to the industry. This is the place for stakeholders to share insights and participate in the development process in an open transparent fashion. Reason to believe in MRM will come from here.
    You may want to appoint a small team of bloggers. Proven and tried believers in being digital.





Defunct MRM Lab
Enable space for stakeholders to participate in the development process.
No corporate ad space here.