THESIS: Big problems don’t need big solutions.
IMPLICATION: Government bureaucracy and organisations with high volume demand for printed matter can achieve a ∅33% reduction in ink consumption.






Ryman Eco

The world’s most sustainable font.
Free download for government offices and organisations with high volume print demand.

On average 33% savings on ink cartridges.



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You may have seen the story of the boy who worked out that the US government could hundreds of millions of dollars just by changing the default font they used when printing (and so reducing the amount of ink used)?

Inspired by this, Grey London and Ryman Stationerydeveloped Ryman Eco, a free font that uses an average 33% less ink than standard fonts, and 27% less than the current most sustainable font.

„Sustainable” is a keyword politians like using. Here their opportunity for the US government to put the money where their mouthes are.

Organisations with high printing demand, download the font for free.