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The world is changing from solid to liquid

Print media has been transformed, and now: tablets, tablets, everywhere. We watched the transformation of the music business, and a dozen other adjacent areas over the past 10 years.

What’s next? What else will move from cold to hot? The deep answer is: everything that is slow, centralized, and massive can be coaxed or shocked into being fast, networked, and fragmented.

Is the political chaos and gridlock in the US a function of the liquifying political system? Our systems of governance are based on electing a very small number of people to represent all the rest. Can we cut out the middle man in politics like we have in buying books? What would web-mediated direct democracy work like? Feel like? Smell like? The Pirate Party in Europe is using a platform called Liquid Feedback, which is central to their inner workings, but is a speculative design for the rest of us.

Excerpt from “What will matter in the future?” by Stow Boyd.

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When all of us are politically active, do we still need to hire politicians?

Not as many.

We get solutions from crowdsourcing events: hackathons, as Rachel Sterne is conducting them for the city of New York.

As soon as we have all become politically active, nationwide competions at various local, regional and national levels profit from our cognitive surplus, from which Facebook & Co. is currently benefitting.

The creation of sophisticated, simple to use platforms replace the need for building new official buildings. Existing unnecessary official buildings can be converted to living quarters.

Replacing official overhead, the people can afford a reward system to help run their crowdsourcing efforts. Reward recycling for the politically involved to benefit from.