week in design

  • Real easy way to make your own web font
  • Cope with handwritten fonts
  • Wave to the French people
  • Chase market reform, Agenda 2010 supporters out of the country
  • WordPress plugins made easy


week in design

MyScriptFont.com Calligraphr.com

Amazingly fast and easy going design of hand-drawn digital font

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100 Days of Trump

100 days of Trump

by way of this isn’t happiness





In Germany, everyone can drive the car he wants.

In Germany, everyone can drive the car he wants.

Opel Kadett. Das Auto.

Opel Kadett. Das Auto.

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Mit Hartz IV halten sie uns klein

Eisenhüttenstadt, Brandenbug, Germany (photo: Regina Schmeken):

For twelve years they have been demonstrating against the labor market reform, Agenda 2010

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Wave to the French people

“I believe that now is the best time to develop a European identity – of people who have grown up with a Europe that by now has been created. Away from this damn nationalities and back to a European identity! If we now break Europe, then we’re the dumbest generation that has ever lived.”

Klaas Heufer Umlauf born in1983





Sarah Wilson with real handwriting and impeccable personal branding

Handwriting is omnipresent

Sarah Wilson knows how to cope. See how she uses handwriting to help shape her branding and have it appear as trustworthy, authentic, and straight forward.

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C919 jet set for maiden flight, in test of China's aviation ambitions

Source: REUTERS 5. Mai 2017, 09:192017-05-05 09:19:08 © SZ:dpa:bbr:mahu:sry

The first large passenger-jet made in China takes off

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Ein Twitterprofil das die die Markenbildung stärkt.

With Gina Kleinworth branding looks like its a snap

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Wordpress plugins made easy

WordPress plugins made easy

Developer, Esther Nowack’s journal is a single source for German-language descriptions of what you can do with each plugin. Fantastic.

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