The logos the Trump campaign is offering the Space Force


The decision over the logos for Space Force, the sixth branch of the military may well be left up to donors to President Trump’s political action committee. Source





More attention
to less (things)

It was and still is an excellent idea by Donald Trump, to follow suit on much of what came with the post digital era. Do first, apologise later. Resort to hackathons for all public affaires. Don’t copy steal. And our President is doing just that, he disrupts otherwise talked to death major projects of politics, business and society.

The idea is to be the first nation in space with an army post, to assert dominance over space and invigorate vibrant trade with aliens (just kidding), to make the army more attractive and relevant for new generations. The regenerative forces of great disruptors, Elon Musk, Trump and Nasa (an institution rather than a disruptor) re-introduce an excitement over the future.




Captain America

We have no briefing, no tender documents or procedures, but couldn’t resist the temptation to point at bearing elements and leverage those both familiar and well known to people around the word:

  • World famous, familiar symbol of the U.S. Army, the star with the five petals or even Captain America’s shield.
  • Space Force, spelled out not iconised (you’ll hear more about it than actually get to see it).
  • Nasa, space exploration, science, research and development not warfare.

Flat design and the identification of the familiar, bearing, thematical elements will help strengthen the sixth branch of the military. As a starting point, here’s an ad hoc graphic design to help you get your hands around it, it will need further refinement and reduction however.

Erst einmal die offensichtlichen Elemente zusammen führen

Get the obvious elements on paper first…

What do you need NASA for? Toss their logo but use their typeface or a similar one. We’ll get to the NASA space helmet next in place of the space shuttle you see on some of the art work.

Auf das notwendigste konzentrieren.

…and focus only on what is necessary.

The space helmet is more appropriate and more sensible than a couple of Disney space stars Or imply space spheres with a swosh. Why. Human kind is wearing the space suit ad helmet. A military service man or woman is right in it.

Integrierte Logotype

Integrated logo-type

Noch unausgereift aber in Farbe. Space Force Logo Vorschlag von, München.

Not ready yet but in color.

Sources: Found space helmet rendering on Etsy | Typeface: Nasalization free font by Ray Larable.