Aegir hand-coded one pager

Aegir hand-coded one pager


Product panel in checkerboard style

Product panel in checkerboard style

Product panel in checkerboard style

Desktop Begrüßungsseite

Desktop landing page

“Aegir Project”

responsive one pager

One pager

Aegir Brewery, Capetown, South Africa
Rob Hope
hand coded one page website



Aegir papyrus roll

Aegir papyrus roll


Best practice
one pager









What is a one pager?

A one pager is a website that sports a single column page only, ideally with no navigation.

The Munich philosopher, Thomas Palzer[1. The philosophical practice], has welcomed one pagers as a continuum of the archaic papyrus role. A modern solution for distributing digital content.


What good is a one pager?

Businesses get to the point sooner and what could be the point if not a transaction? One pagers help support the purpose driven nature of the web more effectively. Also by accepting and respecting the visitors limited time and energy.

The site operators energy is focused on content and communication.



Why would that be important?

Both, site operators and visitors have a limited amount of time and energy available for each day. During the course of the day, time and energy are on the decline. An important factor for designers to consider.

A one pager is responsive toward the needs of the visitor. Not only in the technical sense of responsiveness, but by way of its human equivalence.