The race is on for mobile - but not for everyone. A pointer to the most interessantesting graphics from <a href=Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 consolidated by Holger Schmidt” width=”589″ height=”533″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-46824″ />



The most interessantesting graphics from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 curated by Holger Schmidt

Legendary internet-analyst Mary Meeker has introduced her Internet Trends 2014. The standard work of the Internet economy. For designers of business projects and their commissioner, two unique views of four, Holger Schmidt picked out:

  1. Mobile is a paid content business, no advertising business
    A clear sign for publishing houses to proceed toward paid content in the mobile world.
  2. The new social graph
    On mobile devices frequent interaction with a small group gains significance over conversations with the voluminous social graph on facebook. Contacts on your smartphone are the new social graph. It also means however, that the old rulemade in munich “The winner takes it all” is no longer valid for communication. Facebook’s acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram support the notion.

Read in full, in German.

Or get the entire picture by Dan Frommer (in English).

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