Der pädophile Signor Valmano wie er sich um ihr Vertrauen verdient macht.

Cynical ad of pedophilic Signor Valmano deserving consumer trust with a condescending kiss.


Valmano “Bedroom”



When it comes to possible sources of income, salvation from greed, German thought leaders, brands and consumers agree: “Your gift is total garbage and you know it.”

No garbage is the neckless from a rarely known premium brand handed over with a condescending kiss on the smooth forehead of a tender young boy awarding his provoking submissiveness.

As with reality tv, talkshows, traffic accidents, the Walking Dead and local jungle camp blockbuster show, an audience is magically drawn to the gore and gruesome explicitness which Berlin ad agency Scholz & Friends owes much of the success of their campaign to. In following of screaming Zalando shoe campaign its a sudden explosion of a newer German wave supporting anything that works with an exclusively commercial point of view.

For gormless contributers of the German trade press the ad is art, i.e. Dada art, Signor Valmano a hero, and David Ogilvy’s advice – not to create anything you can’t show your mother – remains unconsidered.

She knows. He knew.

And yes, this successful advertising stunt to create some noise for watch and jewlery reseller Valmano clearly contradicts the efforts of organisations such as Terre des Hommes with ‘Sweetie’ to locate thousands of pedophiles. If anything it reflects a German paradox and more so disorientation in the wake of becoming transformative or plain bad taste.


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