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Open 07:30-17:30 Montag bis Freitag
27a Foley Street, London W1W 6DY


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Viktorianische Herrentoilette

Victorian gentleman’s toilet

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That's right, victorian gentleman's toilet

That’s right, victorian gentleman’s toilet

Hammerstein & Maier espresso bar - photo: Gogo Eisert

Hammerstein & Maier Photography Gogo Eisert

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Refurbish of the deceased second-hand bookshop

Refurbishing the deceased father’s antiquarian bookshop into a super gourmet sandwich-espresso bar

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The coffee is up there among the best in Munich (not shown in picture)

The coffee is up there among the best in Munich (not shown in picture)



The littlest spaces serve the best coffee

If at a Doultan & Co. urinal in London or at the retired, venerable antiquarian bookshop of decesased Hans Hammerstein in Munich, rigorous care is taken in serving exciting breakfasts and lunches, fine coffee and much attention is given to building the brand.

The Attendant is the adored work of Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russell.

Hammerstein & Maier is the work of Petra Hammerstein und business partner Corinna Maier.

In Munich the people want croissants with their coffee, in London it’s New York style sandwiches.


Don’t call it bio

In Munich farmer’s markets help with supplies, the baguettes come from Solnhofener cloister bread, breakfast pastries and bread get picked up every morning from Neulinger, Tramezzini are made on the premises and the coffee is from Pascucci Roastery.

In London the ingredients have been meticulously sourced as well; the milk comes from one of 120 jersey cows at the Ivy House Farm in Somerset, the smoked turkey comes from family run farm Adlington’s in Norfolk and the ‘artisan coffee’ is from The Caravan Roastery.

No need for liars labels. You won’s see the word bio anywhere.




WoM is the best media of all

Bill Bernbach via


I became aware of Tomlinson & Russell by way of Vanity Fair’s A list. A good story told in few sentences, gets the attention of the traditional press and London has always been less detrimental to the pulse of the time than the city of Munich.

Hammerstein & Maier won’t fall behind the Brits though with social media stuff and contemporary salesmanship.


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