A sign of Berlin

  • Ein Zeichen Berlins

©Berlin state

With an outcry of horror— marketing professionals have joined the all so common social media shitstorm to discredit a prime example of corporate design.

Two causes for outcry

  1. The outcry of horror was caused by the design decision to place the logo marks inmidst solid black outlines. The critics feel this to be expressing seperation rather than unity. We’re in. You’re out.
  2. The red white and black color palette would put Berlin in line with the reemergance of fashists. A palette that was successfully used by ancient Rome and Hitler’s third Reich. This even though the Berlin town hall is best know as the red town hall.

The design by otherwise much heralded and awarded Jung von Matt agency in Berlin would thereby turn Berlins characterstics of freedom, tolerance and diversity into its opposite.

What may be seen as make sense rational during sessions in meeting rooms may proof of lesser importance in practice.

Let’s have a look at a well know design contributing to the image of New York City. Does anything come to your mind other than being glad to get some direction when you happen to be in NYC trying to get to your destination?

I think not.

Signs of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (CC), celebrated for their clarity.

©Berlin state

Why should it be any different with the new iconographic sign language of Berlin? It’s immediately clear for the viewer in any size or variation as what its meant to be. A sign of Berlin.