missing Renault 4 hatchback

The Italian Fiat quatrocentro, possibly the most successful design of European mass market icons transformed to make it in the new world. Great interior design too.

The German VW Beetle made it into the new world, however it failed to become popular with the German people. Should the Beetle lose its round, goofy headlights, the church bells will go silent. Heed the warning, German engineers.

The French Renault 4 hatchback. Held dear and missing in the short list of top European icon designs that made it into the new world. And perhaps the one with the greatest potential in usefulness.



Designers have long been banging their heads about bringing the R4 back on the road for the new world. Here’s a competition held on the topic with designer Sebastian Pablo Salanova getting close, he however will need to give the bold box characteristics more thought, the overall crass characteristics of the R4 hatchback and more so its proven and tried usability as a utility vehicle for family businesses.



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