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Come autumn, mobile me accounts will be converted to iCloud

The great sync.
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Apple’s worst interface design

No, I never liked the iTunes interface, I hate how iPad users must move files back and forth between their other mac hardware and the iPad using iTunes. This is simply not acceptable and put a dent in my trust in Apple. Of far greater concern however is the idea of trusting our data to central storage owned by a company competing for market shares. Not a good idea. Think of facebook now owning your content unless you have specifically given notice otherwise.



cloud concerns
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Cloud computing remains a very bad idea

So called cloud computing, were your data is stored not on your local device but on a company’s central server remains a spooky if scary idea at best. We’ll quickly get over it of course. But deep regret may well be breathing up our necks in due time. Centrally stored intimate data of 46 million users is much more rewarding for hackers and data miners with no good intend. Data stored centrally defies the idea of the internet of decentralized, undisruptable exchange of information amongst free citicens.




















Giving up on collective control for personal convenience

I’ve been supportive of Steve Jobs and now Apple since the early days of NeXT computers and like no other, Apple has always cheered us up and made life a little better for friends and familly. With the event of iOS 5 and OS X Lion, there is a mighty cloud moving in, that may prevent us from being in the sun. The iCloud. It fixes the imminent issues, I have with iTunes as a file mover by allowing iPad to become the stand alone, hand held tablet on its way to a fully efficient hand held computer and work horse. And it democratisizes one of the best kept secrets and most useful feature of the Mac system, which is reliable data synchronisation, thus far only exprienced by paying mobile me users. An efficient convenience that will make us all pay into the idea of Apple made cloud computing, thereby, in the long run, evetnually giving up on the freedom, democracy, and transparency we all have come to enjoy in the post digital age by way of an utterly decentralized internet. Any aggregator, be it iCloud, Facebook, is an insanely great idea for those who own one, and a potentially aggressive move against the rest of us benefitting from the world wide web.


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