This week Martin Sonneborn is visiting people in their homes, the team will take first pictures of your home for the new Google home view.


The German privacy paradox


When we worry too much about protecting privacy, we risk losing the benefits of publicness that the internet brings us. Ill argue that we, the public, must protect whats public

                                                       —Jeff Jarvis


With his becoming abstract Jeff Jarvis sums up what he seems to have hit his stride for, a stunning showmaster presentation at Berlin’s re:publica 2010—or so the German press and local blogs report. The place? Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast. The aim? Convince the German people to reach an educated decision regarding their attitude toward Google street view and things public.

The question we must ask ourselves can be answered quickly:
German residents please cast your vote here.



HINT: Secrecy -OR- transparency?


Thank you much.


Respect Jeff. I also would like to thank Jan Tißler, whose enty at T3N helped a great teal with adding humor. I escaped the last upheaval in 1987, when the originally planned for 1981 census finally took place based on protests and boycott calls from some smaller parts of the population. Watch for the next German census take place May 9th 2011.