Elizabethan Days

Elizabeth reads, swims, draws and she now settled on tumblr
quote by Patricia Highsmith


Elizabethan Days

Modern day storytelling is my younger daughters claim, now that she refers to her business as Elizabeth Blue Illustrations. How tell a story about a young woman who seems perfectly happy and together? Where is the conflict? What issues need be resolved?

punk farm

Farmer's wife idea of farming

Pork rocks

Years ago, Elizabeth came up with a sketch of a death head with crossed spade and pitchfork. Last year she married a fine young American, Douglas Courier and became the farmer’s wife. Organic farming is perhaps the most inventive of todays super businesses.

Your Father

Misty Waters.

Misty Waters. In the flesh- or rather, the clay. Heroine of the upcoming comic book, The Micanopy Murders