The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars



“What is the biggest question faced by the human race?”

The question cosmologist Nancy Abram takes center stage with an ambition to thrill at yesterday’s DLD Women conference in Munich, Germany.

Humans are made from stardust and David Bowie must have had a good idea in 1972 when he wrote Starman and Five Years.



Does that reduce reform pressure?

Abrams represents a school of scientists that are occupied with the study of the universe as a whole. And what they have found is that we – the human race – is not coincidental, random or in any way insignificant.”

We are in fact central to everything. New evidence shows that we are central in form, time and space.

“You can’t just tell people scary facts. They will run away,” Abrams says. “Real change comes from finding a whole new reality. This how we fall in love, how alcoholics recover. It’s change through a new identity, the real way to spiritual awakening.”

“Who we are is the sum total of our history. How far back we claim that history, is up to us. We are the first generation to realize this history. And realizing this story may be what is needed to impose the change.”

We may be the most significant generation ever to have existed, is the claim, and that in itself is an awe-inspiring thought.



Now what’s with the biggest question faced by the human race?



What can possibly motivate

people around the world

to want to do what must be done?



We can raise our thinking to the level our times demand by waking up to the new cosmos, realizing how we humans fit into the big picture, and using this immense perspective to envision long term solutions to the world’s seemingly intractable problems (more).

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