I get the impression, that tabloids want bad to happen for good:

In Germany, Bild is reporting that New Yorkers would feel fury rather than relief, which I doubt to be true for New Yorkers, who did not even have to reschedule their Sunday brunch plans due to hurricane Irene’s downscaling to a tropical storm

Thank you, Irene

Bernice Yeung in his well observed FirstPost article, ventures that the storm didn’t feel over-hyped for the 18 people who, as of Sunday afternoon, had died in Irene-related accidents, or the 60-plus people who had to be rescued from flooded areas of Queens.

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Great tweet too from singer-songwriter Brad Walsh: “Like many young women before her, Irene came to NYC hoping to be as big as she was back in Carolina, only to be ridiculed by the locals.”

I was interested if any insurance company’s marketing plan had the likely, ever reoccuring event of a great storm incorporated. State Farm does and it’s no wonder one comes across active brands when least expected: