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Terrific Thursday, I have Burak to thank for

Since 2006, I am consumed with one and the same business idea. That of providing a DIY solution to help people with creating their business idea.

I place my bets on what I do better than anyone else. That is pushing buttons and eventually connect the dots as they say Steve Jobs did.

I am 59 years of age and my background in international advertising got jump started at age 17. I got picked up before school to help with creating a company we called LSD1. We pioneered the windsurfing sport in Europe with Hoyle Schweitzer’s patent windsurf boards. His partner Jim Drake was a computer scientist even back then. I never returned to art school but paid the tuition for the last two semesters with the money made.

The idea I am betting my old age and wellbeing on is to have business owners buy into a chronicle of their business. A one page website that leverages selling strategy, positioning, and branding. It returns responsibilities to the client to continuously create new meaning for her brand.

To do that with neither money nor investors, I had to turn from creative director into a hacker. As a creative director, I can find a fitting prefab theme to fit the brand. But I had to become a hacker to test the outcome in the environment it’s meant for. Now I can create and tweak a website’s child theme to become an expression of the brand, so the client can try for herself.

A first attempt2 was discontinued. I fooled myself into using bloated code. What is true for all communication acts is true in coding as well. Coding is poetry, Matt Mullenweg claims for WordPress. Every part of integrated marketing must remain lean to achieve supernormal3.

I failed to set up my site until I discovered one, I believed was a theme based website but wasn’t.

This is where Burak comes in. A designer of themes based in Ankara, Turkey. He built his site from scratch. Based on a photoshop template he purchased from Themeforest4.

After a couple back and forth emails, Burak wrapped up his hand-crafted work in a zip file and sent it my way. Terrific. Inner joy.

Sing along. I keep you posted.


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Show 4 footnotes

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  2. was discontinued.
  3. Supernormal was coined by Naoto Fukasawa
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