Anempfohlener Einseiter „Das sechste Geräusch”



Best practice one pager „Das sechste Geräusch” (the sixth noise)




„Wild One”


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During maintenance service for, an URL mentioned as side note of a response, took me by surprise and sparked my interest. I get scared by horrible work of people I know and I get excited when I can congratulate on work done and done well.

This is by my long term closest friend, Gogo, who in the seventies made people happy with the local grass roots band, “Tony Titt and the Torpedos” and steamy, crowded concerts in small local clubs but fell out of fashion. A major label contract for “She and the Rest” followed and helped entertain Germans outside of the Bavarian border during the new wave era.

The guy had done a lot for Munich even though he’s a Swabian from Stuttgart.

A video, documenting the talents of the photographer friend, the becoming CD design, its arrangements, recording and the prerequisite agreement amongst the musicians and guest musicians from Melbourne Australia make for best practice in integrated communications. Something for Pitchfork.


Fredy Grosser
„We stand by you. All of us.”
By all means a German Iggy Pop



One Pager

One Pager



It can get creepy. Reason for outspoken jubilation for the fantastic band website. Only what is necessary! Template based design offered with a one stop solution by the good people at Band Page. I’d be happy to have a piece like that to show off in my portfolio. Way to go. Why fiddle with it, when a service offers best results for the audience? We stand by you, Fredy Grosser. Who else? @BandPage.Visit website


template based design