SXSW 2012


Easier done than said

This panel is not about re-educating our industry much further, but to first refocus on a solution that has long been brought to the conversation and that will help our industry’s issues get resolved more immediately. I trust it to be a universal yet very pragmatic solution -it more specifically- is a set of instructions, demonstrating work out there already, that will help our industry instantly by providing orientation by design.

Classic Art Directors do excellent work once they get to know what is required and can get their hands around what needs be done to return the magic.

You lovely people have already discovered, that it’s not our thinking that changes our doing but that it’s our doing that changes our thinking.

As an industry, let us now put our money where our mouth is and get the industry involved in solving their issues on their own. In providing a platform that aggregates practical samples of work with proof of return on investment and focus on a unique solution that likely prove to be universal in bringing the magic back to our ad industry.

My daughters handed me a drawing years ago with the words: “Less talk. More rock.” I honor my daughters for being right in the first place.


Qestions answered

  1. What can we do to get our ad industry involved in their own issue resolving?
  2. What is the big issue?
  3. How SXSW visitors can help get our industry involved?
  4. Can panelists and thought leaders go on with their conversation after that?
  5. Will we get paid?


Level: Beginner

Category: Design/Development

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It has become imperative to refocus on a solution that has long been suggested

Long Tail no more

Less Talk. More Rock.









Be so kind as to let me know how you feel about getting our industry involved in their own issue resolving. Please enter questions you may have for me in the comments field below. It will greatly help sharpen my presentation, thank you much.