Wieviele Geleebonbons sind in dem Glas?

How many jelly beans are in the jar?


Ten billion ants inhabit earth

Vogelschwarm © Dusan Petrovic

Flock of birds © Dusan Petrovic

7 of 9, Star Trek

7 of 9, Star Trek


A single ant is dumb – A thousand ants are ingenious. Insects, birds or fishes form swarms, that are capable to create, what the individual could never create. They have superior predators run from them, find in democratic votes the best locations and food sources. Scientists have acknowledged the power of swarm intelligence and want to investigate how people can learn from swarm intelligence.

Planet Wissen, a German tv show focused on popular knowledge/science documented an experiment and had 160 people guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. Not one came close to the right answer.

The closest estimate was returned by calculating the average sum of all 160 best guesses.

Guess work that may likely hold answers to pressing political and economic questions and a beautiful vehicle for marketing to move egotistical profit challenges into the realm of public interest.