Partners in crime by William Wray

Partners in crime by William Wray



Morbid by William Wray

Morbid by William Wray



Super Texter by William Wray

“Super Texter” by William Wray



Super heroes and heroines are people from you close surrounding, who voluntarily take on an idea, produce and market it.

New pioneers, whose works get your attention on the web and who you are consumed with from there on.

Old companions, you lost sight of and who suddenly reappear in media.

That’s what happened with Thomas Kistner, the investigative journalist and author of Fifa Mafia, soccer game’s dirty laundry.



Absolutely right!

Rainald Götz was granted the Georg-Büchner-Award this week.

His essay for the “Sprengreiter”, a short lived war paper in the early 80s, I had to move to my friend Ernst Auerbacher’s ✝1999 “Grüße & Anzeigen”, which never made it past its first edition. Götz didn’t tolerate the war paper’s archaic FT like appearance with blue ink on pink paper. Congratulations nevertheless!

Now here’s one who waves to the machines and who is right on time with the digital awakening of Germany. Thomas Palzer actually produces and brings to market what Götz used as clever tactics to trick silly Feuilleton editors into publishing his topics.

A Pessimist, I have great fun with already.