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New Aesthetic

25 Songs that tell us where music is going.
A one-time spectacular. The NYTimes Magazine.

NYTimes Magazine with a special on New Aesthetic in music1



„Stressed Out” Twenty One Pilots
Brilliant example on how content within its context become relevant.



New Aesthetic in music
“Four years ago, I discovered James Bridle’s attempt to define the new aesthetic for the early 21. century with the help of many.

With eyes wide open you could find it in fashion, war gear, in the arts and on numerous Google street view across Europe.

NA in design and perception

While a large number of photos aimed at documenting the progressing fragmentation of markets and the splitting of the web with pixelated imagery, quite the contrary happened.



Every trend is followed by an equally powerful counter trend.



Neither design nor perception pixelated and fell apart in its bits and atoms.

The quality of on screen images, happened to supersede that of glossy print magazines we had all grown familiar with. On screen display resolution superseded print results. Along came theme or template based design and the acceptance of web standards such as proven and tried layouts and functions. In turn it reached the level of best practices in print design.

If there is a new aesthetic, then one that came along with the event of retina displays for watches, cell phones, tablet PCs or ever larger tv and desktop monitors.



What the boys from twenty one pilots may also stressed out by, is the ever more demanding claim as a result of ever increasing expectations set in quality.



NA der Musik

The new aesthetic in music comes close to what is experienced as supernormal. Tt’s something we know and trust that we only need be reminded of and surprised by. The Hamilton Cast’s „Say no to this” demonstrates this nicely and should you not know the Hamilton Cast, take „Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

A warm symphonic sound makes for the fundament of the new aesthetic on which the interpreters give their best.New Aesthetic in MusicNYTimes Magazine


New Aesthetic in Music


New Aesthetic in Music



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  1. Illustration by Yoshi Sodeoka based on a photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images