A well done product documentary in the otherwise substandard context of the German web


Yes we are.

User created content: Dans le lagon a mayotte. Christophe et Sylvie , 48 years – France Uploaded 05/05/15.



After another bright sunny day in Southern Bavaria, a tv ad caught me by surprise. The ad introduced a never before to be seen product that was perfectly placed behind a blue sky day indicating that summer is here to stay.

The ad made me think, someone found a way to breath under water.
Its web page documents the product rather well in an otherwise disappointing context of the German web. I took it for granted that this was a German product and learned that it was French. Decathlon is a French company, dedicated to innovation (organising hackathons…) and innovative sport brands.



Easybreath Tribord

Easybreath Tribord



The power of product

What this shows us is the importance and power of product and product documentary. Neither the introductory ad nor the web page is by any means outstanding or even outrageous. It’s new and that alone is magic. You need not be outrageous or super duper as long as your product is new or introduces a never to be heard idea into a particular context. Enough said.
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