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Step aside ad agencies and web designers, let the Milwaukee Police Department handle this

Unlike many ad agencies, who can’t seem to help but retain a stable income by selling their brand clients on websites as static as print – Cramer-Krasselt turns a government site into a thing of beauty (AdAge).


Make friends, not ads.™

  1. No wasting time with overpriced, proprietary content managements systems that never get it right, the Milwaukee agency turned to WordPress to build a child theme and make the police department look good and act accordingly…
  2. “We can’t create safe, sustainable neighborhoods without the support of local residents to help the men and women wearing the badge,” said Edward A. Flynn, Milwaukee Police Chief.
  3. A dynamic, sociable website to work hard for the community and the police department.
  4. Milwaukee Police News uses liquid design to efficiently serve all output devices with one code.

Learn more here.


Anyone else?

The grassroot tea party movement in the US, seems to have less of an issue, with bringing old world strategies to the table with new world progressiveness, when it comes to creating a holistic online experience.

Edward Boches with agency Mullen were perhaps first to recognise a blog backbone as reliable technology to turn their website utterly dynamic and sociable. Wow, have a look at their new site!

My former agency, MRM Worldwide just recently released the second implementation of their WP based brand site. Let’s see if their various dependencies follow suit. Watch this space.