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Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman

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Brand Doing and Other Noble Pursuits by the owners



Coffee first

My family always had a phone and I can’t report on how the telephone changed our behaviour. We also had the first television set and the first color tv long before everyone else in our Munich neighborhood of Harlaching and Solln.

I am safe to report to have been a witness of that whenever the phone rang there was never a requirement or reason to pick it up.

Why would our behaviour or attitude toward the internet be any different from how we behave with the telephone? I use the web whenever I see a use for it, and should I ever have a desire for owning a cell phone, it would not ever be to become accessible.

Why so many people wish to give away their time to become accessible for other peoples whishes is not our concern.

The use of the internet with a clear consciousness is a competitive advantage not to be underestimated escpecially for the branding of private sector businesses and it can be taken care of internally with no help from ad agencies.

I trust American Apparel to make for a great example for how its done.

A slow web offers plenty of time for efficiency and elegance, of which both make up the black hole of the German design nation.


Brand Thinking: Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, and Other Mavens on How and Why We Define Ourselves Through Stuff by Maria Popova