Stay sick - Get blue

Twin sister trades and talents



One got away with murder, now ready to publish book two of the Micanopy Murders. The other sis, has singed fingers and a threefold of crowds to please with pretty much one and the same craft and connected skill set. That of a certified millinery and proven custom & set designer under contract at a renown theatre in Linz, Austria.



Twin sister tumblrs

Twin sisters tumblrs

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Feather. Death. Crown.
The work and investigation of Elizabeth Blue.


A new generation comic artist, she has returned to the early stage of comic art. Long before the Days of Marvel, when hand drawn lines got simplified and Hergé invented ligne claire with Tintin. Black and white pencil drawings from which to expect a new definition for comics in modern day story telling.


No more l'oiseaux qui rie

Elizabeth is a farmer’s wife in Oregon, USA.

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Singed Fingers
Hats, sets and costumes by Dido Victoria


Dido attended millinery school near Hamburg. She got hired as apprentice at the lesser known of the two remaining millinery businesses in Berlin. Watch her singed fingers do delicate work and note the calm in her face and you know why she has chosen a kind of creative work near extinction.


the name is D-i-d-o

The name to remember is Dido



Brace – brace, we’re landing on the Hudson.

Both blogging sisters now have a responsive system going of their own. At no cost other than a short period per day to keep their diaries up to date.



Elizabeth's boar with a dash of Errol Flynn and Dido's Jan Delay collection

Elizabeth’s boar and Dido’s Jan Delay collection



Dido already has two inventions to show for. That of the riding hood or robin hood, which Kanye West may consider his next mask du jour. And the current inside-out hat collection, she calls “candy colours”. She may want to consider a more demanding name. A collection named after Jan Delay or Johnny Depp, who ever comes first to wear her hat.

Atlantic Press is publishing Elizabeth book two of the Micanopy Murders. A collaborative work with her amazing mentor and aunt Jamie-Lee got auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London. Cool, calm collectiveness: “I honestly don’t know why people get so worked up about a little murder. Tom Ripley”

Ripley Under Ground. Patricia Highsmith.




Stay sick. Get blue.

Most people are aware of what history class has taught them. History gets written by the victor.

It’s obvious that if you aim to claim victory, be the ones to write your history yourselves. Development is a friend and continuity takes on the hard work for you.

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