Genius wood only school chair, shown with work desk for right-handed students.


Facebook’s first ever tv ad, done by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook celebrate 1 billion users with a first ever tv ad.

And its done with delicate subtlety the British way, cool, calm, collected.

Lance Ulanoff from Mashable finds all kinds of wrong with the ad.

I find all kinds of wrong with facebook, not with the ad.

With over 24 million Facebook users in Germany, Facebook was a crucial contribution, for social disruption to finally take effect in Germany, given that Facebook is but a network within the network, a pleonasm, and as unnecessary as is the neurotic forcing of websites into a frame, whereas the browser provides the physical frame for each site.

The chair metaphor, helps us understand facebook as a thing that brings us together, much like the omnipresent like button mimics our nodding each other in agreement at dinner tables.

It’s on each of you to decide, who or what to favour and spend your time, your cognitive surplus and your money with, small grocery stores or the supermarket, crowded Miami beaches or the forgotten rock bay elsewhere, a dozen of reliable blogs to follow around or the dive into the noise of social networks.

A steep learning curve, for businesses to learn a thing or two from the behaviour of those they are producing for.