Come May, European largest digital publishing house will enroll a new corporate identity under the claim “We empower free decisions”.

During the student’s revolt in the sixties, the publishing house was under attack and accused of repression and fascism. At the time administrative positions were still held by NSDAP members. Even today media reports of evidence that the military and police make a home to neo-nazis.

Source for all images and text: Axel Springer website.

The defining design element is the “impulse,” a colored stage for elements
such as, for example, short calls to action
Ink blue, black and white are the primary colors. The secondary colors – neon green, pink, red and ice blue – bring a vivid radiance to the digital applications in particular, providing stark contrasts and nuanced accents.
Clean in its abstraction, the new business cards.
The new Axel Springer corporate font is Mont AS and has a high recognition value. For large text volumes, the font Brix Slab complements the straightforward Mont AS, which was specially modified for Axel Springer.