“What must be done for the internet to develop into a valid and valued culture technology?”

Peter Kruse, known as speaker for the German language web (Source).



You may refer to your web activity, your blog perhaps, as your web presence. Alas, the web is no presence media. Even the thought of being able to buy presence is absurd – no one could afford it with the depth and extend of the platform. On the web its all about resonance. The formula for success, “the more persistent, so much the better” won’t work. Instead try, “the more activating, so much the better”.

Peter Kruse, the spokesperson of the German language web has been absent for quite some time. Now an interview appeared in the current issue of brandeins, the German economy magazine. Kruse comes to the aid of ideas that do, coined by Gareth Kay:




“It’s not what we do,
it’s what people do with what we do.”