Adam Braun, Zeitgeist Americas 2011


In Edward Boche’s words who brought us here:

Young dude, Adam Braun. It’s not so much that he took up a cause, though he did. Or that he built 40 schools around the world, though he did. Rather it’s the idea that he has re-defined not-for-profit, labeling it “for-purpose,” and applying for profit principles and practices to Pencils of Promise.

I very much like the direction this is taking. Now that brands are abolishing the ways they used to do advertising, quickly approaching a spot where they need to renew their sense of purpose, they will soon enough encounter the question, what good does my brand my product do? How does my company contribute to easing the world’s ills? Increasingly brands will seek to convey social good with each of their commercial campaigns with the aim to draw followers to their brand or by social peer pressure. Now if we as an industry pushed for what Adam Braun coins profitable purpose, we’d change the economy for the better and would be well on our way to return the magic to our ad industry. It seems that easy, what do you guys think?

Beyond Gareth Kay’s ideas that do, Adam Braun clearly maps the way to universal social good, as long as we can get each brand to purpose their activities around achieving some social good.

Adam Braun’s easy to follow roadmap for individuals (just as applicable for brands):

  1. Find your revolution
  2. Speak the language of the person you want to become
  3. Embrace the late sleepless nights
  4. Seek out the impossible ones
  5. GTS: Google that shit.


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