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Dedicated Jaguar communications agency Spark 44 is finally accessible online, and sports just about anything one could possibly wish for from a website in the 21. century: WordPress, Parallax scrolling, close call to being a one page wonder and authentic imagery.

With there is no intend or need of having to convince new business from this breed of communication agency, since spark was founded to work exclusively for India’s Tata Motors with the single minded task to take Jaguar cars into the 21. Century.

Alas, WordPress is not used for handling social, to help with associating content with random occurences of relevance, nor to continuously create new meaning for Spark44 as curator and thought leader. Parallax scrolling is of little to no support for the drama of telling a good story. Hence the potential of new technology remains useless. This is being reflected by bloglevel’s analytics below. Keep in mind though, the site has been opened to the public only recently and keep an eye on the graphic display in real time on the right.





Teaser for a first Jaguar Super Bowl ad entry. Source.




Past print- and tv ad that where of no difference to that of volume cars or the premium segment, even so, Jaguar and Landrover have made profit jump for India’s largest car manufacturer Tata Motors. Jaguar is now testing the waters with a bad boy image.

Jaguar’s heritage is British. But it’s actually owned by Tata of India, which bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford for $2.3 billion in 2008. After a few years of struggling under its new owner, Jaguar jumped back into the debate over who markets the world’s best sports car with the launch of its new 2014 F-Type convertible earlier this year.

“Mumbai Jaguar” may well be an appropriate response.