Sharon Moody: “Something’s Going Down In That Museum Right Now”
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Sharon Moody: “I, Who Have Crested the Currents of Space” Via It’s nice that

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Sharon Moody: Hold it, Joker!
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Feast your eyes on these oil paintings by Sharon Moody

Better yet, leave the privacy of your computer for a trip to the museum and reward yourself with a close look at these marvels.

Making men and women mistaken at the benefit of your client account was always the business of the marketing practitioner.

Sharon’s trompe-l’œil paintings are confusing mind twisters not to be confused with photo realism, even though that’s where the artist seems to be coming from.

Brilliant modern day story telling in a time of the great deception.

Loaded perhaps with super powers to revert Andy Warhol’s success with moving artist’s craftsmanship into the industrial age and bringing precision craftsmanship back into the information age.

Perhaps telling a different story from what the artist had in mind.

Comic books as oil paintings is somewhat like switching from Marvel’s comic books back to Nietzsche’s Übermensch from 1883..


…to be continued.