Social shop: Made by Many, London


Inspiration, innovation, collaboration—Anjali Ramachandran, Nov. 26 2010, made by many


we are social

Social shop: we are social, London, Paris, Milan, Sydney


Conversations between people are nothing new. In fact, they help define what it means to be human.


It’s no surprise then that we’re spending less of our time consuming broadcast media and more of it having conversations in communities within social media.

The age of deference is over. People are talking about brands at all hours of every day, in countless forms of social media. We increasingly seek out opinions online about products and services before making purchase decisions. These are trusted more than a brand’s own website, and a lot more than advertising. There is a proven link between online conversation and sales.

By helping brands engage in honest and meaningful conversations in social media, we believe they’ll earn the credibility to participate within these communities, gain advocates and increase sales through word of mouth.


excerpt from ‘why we do it’, © 2010, we are social. All rights reserved.