Gretchen Morgan, by ShinobiXXX via Deviant Art


So sorry

“So sorry” is the most frequently phrase you hear on Prison Break.

Prison Break tells the closely interlaced story of a bunch of protagonists, with good reason for regret.

Little difference is being made to the reasoning behind being of criminal nature, or of such sins men might be guilty of with such regularity they have become consciously unaware of.

Perhaps do women make a difference, being more hands-on, with both feet firmly to the ground, more practical, more useful to family and society, more often legal and prettier to look at.


Regret my not be a bad head start after all, as demonstrated by the EU commission, who quickly pulled their “Science is a girl’s thing” spot and came up with a brighter idea, that of inviting female researchers to join the conversation on twitter #realwomeninscience.

Pulled back spot by the EU commission


Never sorry

Being sorry has long hit the big screen. Indifferent bahavior is a moral with babyboomers.

“So Sorry”, is how people have begun reacting to conventional politics.

Unsure of how to start with their own selves.

“So Sorry”, is the excuse of those in power all around the world, says Ai Weiwei, and brings his own creativity up against. A documentary film currently at the movies.

If Scofield can do it and the cat in the movie can do it, you can do it.