Vimby, Van Nuys, Kalifornien.

Vimby, Van Nuys, California.



Pitch, Culver City, Kalifornien.

Pitch, Culver City, California.



Mekanism, San Francisco, Kalifornien.

Mekanism, San Francisco, California.



Small agencies are nimble and generally don’t charge as much as bigger players. With the explosion of online channels more project work is being doled out to agencies. in the US, business things happen for good reason.

Opel, the German car builder is shifting toward smaller shops, away from incumbent MRM Franfkurt. It’s not reason, it’s personal connections responsible for the tendency.

Vimby, a 50-person agency in Van Nuys, Calif., creates more TV ads for Walmart than its lead agency, the Martin agency. Pitch and Mekanism have become mainstays for Pepsi und Burger King.

The USA with its by far more organised trade press is – in comparison – rather good at informing their trade in all things case studies and investigating causes. Knowledge transfer is responsible for a more sophisticated and involved general audience. New ways of operating spread faster and are viewed with less skepticism. Fast Company named 2014 Magazine of the Year.

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