Wanted: Skype Interpreter for WordPress

Left: Source.
Right: What the world needs now is a serious jetpack plug-in,
The ultimate prerequisite for one-to-many,
multi-lingual knowledge transfer powered by Automattic can handle



There are plenty of translation programs and apps available with disappointing results. Now here is a promising one, Tenguy Ly pointed out for us. Microsoft’s plans to release its Skype translator on Windows 8 later this year. At the OS X Yosemite introduction the other day, it was mentioned an integration with Bing, which I assume has to do with the new Skype technology. The software assists as an interpreter to break down language barriers during VoIP telephone calls and serve up simultaneous translations for Skype calls in real time.





„Ja wir können das Grün viel heller machen”

This is great. At some point the technology will likely turn up as open source and be made available to developers. Imagine WordPress developers offering a plug-in and transform the one-on-one Skype translation utility into flawless one-to-many translations. Bloggers, commercial websites and newspapers can make use of the interpreter and create the prerequisites for multi-lingual knowledge transfer.

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