f.ounders, Dublin: Davos for Geeks
Courtesy of Matt Mullenweg

Silicon Valley looking west, Berlin looking east
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It’s the f.ounders conference in Dublin, Ireland, you are looking at, that kept attendees excited for days to come. 150 handpicked geeks from all over the world (founder of Skype, Netflix, Huddle, Rovio, GroupSpaces, Moonfruit, GroupMe, StumbleUpon, 4chan, Disqus, WordPress and more)

No old-maidish idle, or vague talks here.




Dublin has discovered , to position herself and is competing with London and Berlin for being recognized as innovation city. By which the excitement of those who attended suggests that Dublin may have found where to go for future prosperity.

Mike Butcher compares f.ounders to The Lobby Conference in the US.

In contrast to Re:pulika in Berlin, speakers don’t speak down on the audience and and become engaged in conversations at the diverse settings offered.

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