Gigaset SL910 liegend

Reverse skeuomorph design for landline telephone: Gigaset SL910 by Siemens


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Fernsprechapparat W 48

W 48 telefone for people who want their phone to ring and feel natural for the ears

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Gigaset SL910

Over ambitioned display of UI screens. Easier done by simply showing the three displays (dial, news, info) next to one another


Siemens introduces reverted skeuomorph design to telephones

Alas, German Siemens designer decided to copy the look and feel of Apple’s iPhone for the new Gigaset telefone even though the iPhone never came close to the comfort a vintage telefone handset provided.

Every littel helps however and landlines must adapt to the intelligence of mobile and synchronise with data on other devices.

With ubiquitous computing taking place, German’s will soon expect their Braun electric toothbrush to intelligently assist and be an incentive with improving oral hygiene.

Anyone out there: Hello?.