Swimming Cities by Tod Seelie. Hudson River, NYC.

Swimming Cities by Tod Seelie. Hudson River, NYC. Source.



I was delighted to have witnessed the confession of a New Yorker elsewhere: „I never cared much about San Francisco with all its hippies”

Artists who document life on the fringes have a bird’s-eye view of these changes. Tod Seelie a Brooklyn photographer, has spent 15 years shooting in mosh pits and abandoned buildings, images collected in “Bright Nights: Photographs of Another New York,” published this month. It showcases a thriving outsiderness, which has lately become much less rarefied, in part because Mr. Seelie himself has been posting photos online since 2003.

Now, online exposure can make for an overnight viral sensation. But “it can also destroy and eliminate that crucial period of anonymity,” says David Byrne. “The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away.”

For Berlin’s rising star Thomas Bröse this may indicate a soon to be expected change of heart to set himself up to no longer work bottom up but give top down a try including some conventional wisdom. Study marketing genius Lady Gaga and follow through on what Banksy does. As I heard Petra Hammerstein mention in a different context: “They haven’t considered it to be big enough.”

Thomas deserves to get published by Taschen in a big way. Thomas is Mr. Big, an outrageous dandy, unheard of by Berlin’s dead hipsters. If anyone can shamelessly reintroduce old Schmutz and make a fortune it’s Thomas Bröse.

After all Gaga is but an reinstated Madonna, celebrated by millennials of whom we now little more than their hopelessly nostalgic prerogative. (How I wish that F.S.K. would name their next long play “millenials” and dig into it for enlightenments sake)

Isn’t Robin Thicke’s music a perfect reincarnation of big hits brought forward as we have known it from past decades? Isn’t that why we love it so much, because it’s big beside Thicke’s claim, he’s got a big dick?

Back to Mr. Seelie’s photographs.


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